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Healing. Wholeness. Rejuvenation.
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Wellness for Your Soul, Redefined

At Soul Healn Wellness Center, we strive to deliver a holistic approach in restoring harmony and balance. Our trauma-informed services provide clients with the opportunity for true transformation – helping them to reclaim their wellbeing through wholeness, healing and rejuvenation.

Soul Healn Wellness Center is redefining what a space for healing, growth, and internal peace looks like. Through trauma-informed coaching, stretching, and wellness events, our aim is to help people learn the best method of healing for themselves because we believe that "healed people live happier". Soul Healn Wellness Center was created by Kishna Celce, who is a Trauma & Resiliency Coach, Trauma Support Specialist, and Clinically Trained Trauma Coach.


Our services are offered in a safe and welcoming environment where everyone is respected. Soul Healn is a place where you can come to heal your wounds, learn new techniques for self-care, and connect with others on their healing journey. We know that the process of healing is different for everyone, which is why we offer a variety of services. Whether you're looking for coaching, stretching, or wellness events, we have something for you. 


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Our wellness classes provide an opportunity to take a step back and connect with yourself in an authentic way. Through breathwork, stretching, and other activities, you can release trauma and ultimately heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Our classes are designed to support your wellness journey so you can focus on feeling whole again.