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Soul Healn Wellness Center was founded to provide a safe space for individuals to seek personal healing, renewal, and growth. Led by Kishna Celce, a Trauma & Resiliency Coach, Soul Healn Wellness Center is designed to provide an environment of understanding and support on the path toward self-discovery and enlightenment. Soul Healn’s aim is to help individuals learn how best to heal themselves in order to reach that desired state of happiness. Through trauma-informed coaching, stretching exercises, and wellness events, Soul Healn offers tools and support which aid in establishing new pathways of growth and freedom from pain. We invite you to join us as we journey together in our pursuit of understanding one another while healing from the inside out.

Your New Safe Space

Wellness + Soul
Focused Classes

Our wellness classes provide the perfect opportunity to tackle physical and emotional blocks in your life. Our experienced wellness professionals are on hand to ensure that you learn effective techniques for releasing emotions trapped in your body and mind. Choose from a range of offerings including breathwork, stretching, and other wellness-centered activities. Each class provides an engaging environment where you can uncover long-term healing methods and take ownership over your journey towards wellbeing. 

Outer Breaths, Inner Calm

From counseling to breathwork, our wellness instructors can provide expertise and guidance as you face life’s difficult moments while also giving you the necessary tools to build wellness strategies that will work toward long-term self-care. What’s more, they strive to create an environment tailored to fit for true healing: one that is filled with compassion, understanding, and kindness. 

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