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The Only Philadelphia Trauma-Informed Wellness Studio Prioritizes Grief and Healing for their Self-Care Sunday Series Day Retreat.

PHILADELPHIA, PA. March 20, 2023. On March 26th, Soul Healn’ Wellness Center in partnership with Destination Elevated will open their doors for the first-ever Healn’ the Heart Grief Retreat in Philadelphia. The gathering centers grieving Women who have lost loved ones or who are preparing to.

The collaboration was a product of networking and fate as both co-organizers had recently experienced losing a loved one. Kishna Celce, owner of Soul Healn’ and Fame Neal, Co-Owner of Destination Elevated, have used their own experience of grief to create a program that fosters community and conversation amongst those processing grief and loss. With mental and spiritual wellness at the core of the retreat, the activities reflect a holistic approach to addressing grief no matter the individual’s religious or spiritual beliefs.

Leading up to the event Destination Elevated and Soul Healn’ Wellness Center hosted a series of open discussions about healthy ways to navigate losing someone close to you. The discussions focused on ways for participants to process and understand their feelings to help guide them through the healing journey. The organizers wanted the conversation to be accessible to those who may not be able to attend the retreat so the online space was the best way to reach a wide-spread community.

The retreat is open to all woman-identifying and/or non-binary persons 21 and up who are seeking—at the minimum— relatability amongst their community. Throughout one of two sessions, participants will learn techniques to lessen anxiety, identify grief, and find healthy ways to cope with loss. The activities include Breathwork, Stretching, Meditation, and a Crystal Demonstration –to name a few.

Sunday’s theme emphasizes Self-Care with regard to physical and spiritual well-being. Event sponsors have provided attendees with self care items such as face masks and rose water, in addition to journals, grief trackers, and more.

Each session will feature a Wine-Down Hour sponsored by The Wine Down, a Philly-area, Black and Woman Owned Wine Curator. The Wine Down curates Black and Woman-Owned Wine selections for busy professionals and will provide the complimentary wine to all guests at the retreat. Other sponsors include Legacy and Hope, Erotic Boudoir, Philly Experiences, Sunflower Spacecakes, Au Natural, Culture District HQ, and Heavenly Herbs.

A Grief Hike will take place on Saturday, March 25th at Wissahickon Valley Park in Philadelphia. The Grief Hike is meant to allow those who are grieving time to reflect on the life of their loved one as well as the reality of their physical passing. Water will be provided to attendees before and after the 1.5 mile hike. Yoga mats are suggested for the brief rest stop once hikers reach their destination. If interested in this beginners-level hike you can meet with the group at Valley Green Road Parking Lot at 10AM. The hike is free to attend and all are welcome regardless of gender or age.

Soul Healn’ and Destination Elevated invite you and your loved ones to engage in this self-care journey. Gather your siblings, kin, or those experiencing feelings of loss to begin the path to healing.

In order to attend the Healn’ the Heart Grief Retreat you must RSVP on Limited Space is available.

To get in touch with the organizers about this event contact


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